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My decision to step into the world of introspection/self-development came in 2002  when I knew my life had to change.  I quit my job in London and decided to travel the world. But far from finding myself and all the answers I was seeking, I found that by the time I returned home I had more questions than when I left! And this was the beginning of a very passionate relationship with the Healing Arts, from Reiki to Shamanism (and lots in-between!) I worked on learning to develop myself intuitively, emotionally and mentally and I continue to do so with much passion.


I am the very first person to put up my hand when people ask me if self-development is a challenging journey. It absolutely has been for me, but also in my personal experience it is worth every minute that I dedicate in that direction.


I respect very deeply those who step onto that path, in any which way that they may choose to and if I may be so fortunate as to be able to help a little with that process then I feel very blessed.



Tel: 07952777418


Heather Ferreira-Cole Dip Hyp CS MNFSH Dip. PC


Usui Reiki Master

Certified Spiritual Healer with The Healing Trust

Hypnotherapist - The National Hypnotherapy Society

Advanced Psychotherapeutic Counsellor - The National Counselling Society

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