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Mind Reading

By heatherferreiracole, Jul 27 2014 08:52AM

I’ve spent my life thinking that people should be able to read my mind/my thoughts and my feelings, and when they don’t I’ve tended to feel confused and frustrated. My belief in mind reading came from a very simple place of truly not realizing that everybody else really doesn’t experience life the same way as I do. One event can spark off a thousand reactions and thought processes that are completely unique to a person’s perspective. Therefore my view on life can be nothing less than totally unique; like the concept of the snowflake that falls and looks to the outsider like the exact replica of it’s counterparts and yet is totally unique, a pattern of it’s own, never to be repeated or found again at that moment in time.

Often people ask me how introspection is going to help and I say that changing one simple belief or thought process can alter your whole world. I’m not good enough, to I am enough, is mind-bendingly altering. Everyone hates me to I am loved is monumental.

So this particular discovery was one of those moments for me; everyone is the same as me to nobody is the same as me. Yes, it is true that some people are more on my wavelength but nobody can come from exactly the same angle as me and therefore nobody in the world is me. It is impossible. And that is what makes us all unique and all incredibly special.

When you realize how unique you are as an individual you can no longer assume that others know what you are thinking or where you are coming from or how you are feeling. You are the only person who knows that, and everyone else can say they understand or that they feel/once felt exactly the same way as you, but that is impossible. They may well be able to empathise because they know roughly the way it feels to be in that position but they will never truly know. And therefore they can never judge you or sum you up in any way shape or form, because the only way they can do that is through their own unique perspective of the world.

So the next time someone offers to tell you what they think you should do or what a person’s character is like, you can be sure that the viewpoint comes only from their unique perspective of the world and that the person they describe will not be the same person that you experience when you communicate with them through your perspective.

But this realization that you are unique also allows you to drop into a deeper level of communication with others. Because not only do you realize that nobody really knows you, you also realize that you probably don’t really know anyone either. Which means that if you really want to know a person or for a person to know you, you are going to have to communicate at a much deeper level with not only them but yourself too.

So every time you sit there feeling misunderstood, unloved and uncared for, you can know that you may well be sitting in the world of assumed mind reading. Communication, in whatever form, is the only way of connecting with another individual. It is the only way of offering out a branch to someone to get to know who you are. So if you want to up your connection to someone, you need to deepen your communication with him or her, and that means deepening your connection to yourself. You see, if you are unique and nobody is made up exactly like you are, that means that nobody can speak for you, nobody can decide for you, nobody can govern you and nobody can tell you what to do and crucially nobody can make you feel better/live a more fulfilling life/love more etc.

You are your own government, your own authority, only you can know who you truly are, and only you have the ability to communicate that knowledge out to the rest of the world. And without forgetting the absolute critical ingredients of kindness and compassion, we can all be free to be our own unique snowflake, shining our beauty and our uniqueness out to the world as we make that short journey from oneness (the cloud) through the experience of life and back to oneness again (the water).

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