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Reiki is a form of Energy Healing that enables a practitioner to channel a very high frequency of energy into the client.   High frequency energy is often linked to healthy physical growth, a peaceful mind and feeling emotionally joyful and loving.


When we are born we are born with very pure energy, relatively untouched by our environment, we are curious, full of joy and exuberant at the freshness and potential of life. However as we interact with the world around us and we form different relationships and experiences we can lose sight of our potential and sometimes even our selves as blocks are formed as a way of defending against the pain.  


Reiki helps to shift these blocks without you needing to know specifically what has taken place.  During the session I will be intuitively guided so that the energy can simply travel where it is needed for your greatest benefit in that moment.


Reiki is a powerful form of healing which brings a deeply nourishing energy into your body enabling greater access to peace and wellbeing.


                                                     Location: Crystal Palace/South Norwood.

                                                                Per Session - £50











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